Italy in Berlin

Babàbar is a bar, café and boutique all in one. You’ll find Italian wines and refined desserts here.

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Planlos Cafe Bar

Café, bar & live concerts

Planlos is a mixture of a café and a bar where small live concerts occasionally take place.

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Drinks & Pub Quiz

Mastul feels like a small living room, where small artists can present their skills. There is also an occasional pub quiz.

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Wedding’s botanical “garden”

The Basalt – the Wedding interpretation of a botanical garden at night including fine cocktails and good beer.

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himmelbeet Cafe

Wine in the garden collective

The Himmelbeet is a garden collective and actually not a bar, but besides the urban gardening, enough wine and beer is served here: Enjoy some drinks in the urban garden!

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Freya Fuchs

Cozy living room bar

Freya Fuchs is known to be a cozy living room bar with moderate prices and not too much frills.

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Jatz Bar

Cocktails in a couch environment

A cozy bar in a relaxed pub atmosphere with cocktails, table football and couches.

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Oh! Calcutta Bar

Candlelight, vintage furniture & Mezcal

The Oh! CalcuttaBar reminds you of a modern Berlin living room with dim candlelight, old furniture, chic wallpaper and a large selection of Berlin gin and Mexican Mezcal.

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Wilma Bar

Drinks around the campfire

Wilma is a tiny little bar and gallery with a cozy living room atmosphere. During the summer you can sip drinks outside by the campfire.

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Gedeih & Verderb

For gin lovers

Gedeih & Verderb makes the hearts of gin lovers beat faster. The minimalist interior consists of simple wooden furniture and unplastered walls.

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