Berlin’s techno temple

The world famous Berghain – Berlin’s techno temple is known for a hard door policy as well as for good booking.

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Freaky & wonderful

The Sisyphos is a techno dream à la Alice in Wonderland with festival flair and small booths to relax in.

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Kater Blau

Three days of being awake

If you like confetti, glitter and unicorns, you will meet like-minded techno hippies here. In summer, the parties usually go on all weekend: SaSoMis three days – a single night of partying.

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Clubbing in the garden

The “blank” has the most beautiful club garden in the city: pulling wagons, tents and sunbathing facilities you don’t want to leave.

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KitKat Klub

Don’t be shy!

Kit Kat Klub is the Reeperbahn of Berlin that has become a club. Love swings, a pool, gynaecologist chair, striptease bars, leather sofas and beds. Definitely worth an experience!

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Rave in a former power station

The club with the minimalist interior and the rather techno-heavy booking has its home in a closed down power station.

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Ritter Butzke

Industrial Club

Industrial charm, techno and a versatile, high-quality booking service have made Ritter Butzke a constant in the capital’s club culture over the last few years.

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Salon zur wilden Renate

Flat Share-Party-Feeling

From the outside, the club looks like a normal old apartment building, inside it feels like an extra crazy flat share party.

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Prince Charles

Anything goes here!

Prince Charles is one of the places you can go to alone, as you will always meet someone you know. Here, bingo nights follow sweaty techno nights – anything goes at Prince Charles.

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Dancing with a view of the Spree

The view from the Waterfloor to the Spree in the morning hours is worth the long waiting in line. Watergate is the venue for label nights with style before talent, BPitch and the resident DJs.

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