To book an apartment at The Urban Club, you must be at least 18 years old to sign the contract.

When you move into one of our fully furnished apartments at The Urban Club, all you need to bring are dishes, bed linens, a pillow, blanket, towels and your personal belongings.

A liability insurance policy covers liability damages and thus protects you from losing your own property due to damage. For example, if you lose the key to your apartment, the costs will be covered by the liability insurance. The benefits it includes vary depending on the insurance company.

The apartments in The Urban Club are solely for single use.

We work with the SEPA Direct Debit Scheme, or normal bank transfers. Therefore you will need a bank account.

Yes, you are quite welcome to visit an apartment. To make an appointment, please send us an email to sales@the-urbanclub.com and we will contact you.


Our apartments are divided into two categories depending on the size of the apartment. This means you can choose a room from the desired category. Unfortunately, it is not possible to choose a specific room with a specific room number, however.

Our monthly all-inclusive rent covers all costs related to your apartment. For example: gas, water, electricity and Internet. In addition, the use of all public areas such as the gym, outdoor facilities, work and chill areas and the laundry room is free of charge. In all our Clubs, we offer you free high-speed Internet and our house manager is always available if you need help or advice. We also provide you with free drinking water in our Chill Lounge.

Some services in our Clubs are not included. These include the use of washing machines and dryers as well as coffee machines.

Subletting your apartment to other tenants is unfortunately not possible.

Of course, your visitor may stay overnight in your apartment. Our house rules apply though. You’ll find them here.

In case of damage, such as burned out light bulbs, just contact our caretaker via the function in your The Urban Club App.

Due to space restrictions, pets cannot be kept at The Urban Club.

A bicycle parking space is reserved for you as a resident of The Urban Club. Our bicycle parking is located in the basement and outside.

Unfortunately, we do not offer any additional parking spaces, except for the public parking in the area.

  • A kitchenette with a refrigerator & a freezer, a cooktop, microwave and a waste bin
  • A bar table with a bar stool
  • A desk with a desk chair
  • A magnetic board
  • A bed with a slatted frame
  • A mattress plus a mattress protector
  • A 3-door closet (incl. 5 short shelves, 2 long shelves, 1 clothing rail)
  • A wardrobe panel incl. 4 wall hangers
  • A shelf W:800 H:2212 D:400 mm

On the ground floor there is a shared kitchen for rent, a fitness room, a launderette with washing machines & dryers for a fee, a meeting and study room and the Residence Manager’s office.

After the apartment is returned to us, we will do final cleaning for a fixed price of 85 euros. This fee is to be paid as part of the first rent. Once you move into the apartment, you will have to clean it yourself. ūüėä

There is a storage box in the basement room for each apartment. You will need a padlock for this.

Yes, the use of Wi-Fi is included in the rent.

You have to pay a deposit of 2 gross monthly rents and transfer it at the beginning of the rental period. You are permitted to pay this in three consecutive equal monthly payments.

The additional costs (utilities) include the operating costs in accordance with the Operating Costs Ordinance such as heating and hot water costs plus electricity costs. There is no separate billing of the operating costs.

  • The launderette with washing machines and dryers
  • The shared kitchen you can use to cook together for a fee
  • Fully automatic coffee machines & vending machines from Convini for a fee

You can hang up pictures, posters and anything else on your walls. It is important that you do not use nails, dowels or other things that cause damage to the walls, but only adhesive hooks or adhesive nails.

For a Standard Apartment, you will need a valid certificate of enrollment from your university/college/university of applied sciences, as well as a copy of your passport.

In the case of a first-degree program, the lease is signed for a maximum period of 42 months.

For a first master’s degree program, the lease is signed for a maximum duration of 24 months.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to receive an extension because we would like to provide housing for as many students as possible.

There are unlimited rental contracts for the Standard Plus and Premium Apartments for young professionals / trainees etc. who are not enrolled as students.

Parking spaces are not available, but there are a number of public parking spaces near the apartment building.

Each apartment is equipped with a blackout blind.

No, you will not need your own router. You can connect up to 4 devices to the WLAN via your account. If you want to use more devices, you can book the ASK4 Connect Plus package for 25 euros per year.


When you move out, the apartment should look the way you found it when you moved in. This means that you should take all of your personal belongings out of the apartment, clean it and paint it if necessary. You are welcome to make an appointment with our house manager to check whether your apartment is in order.

A protocol is prepared during the apartment inspection. One of our employees will check your apartment for possible damages and whether it is in a clean enough condition. Afterwards, you’ll return the keys for the apartment and the mailbox.

To terminate your apartment lease, simply send an informal and handwritten signed notice of termination to:

Studentkompanie Betriebs GmbH
Rheinstraße 4c
55116 Mainz

By observing a statutory period of notice of three months, termination is possible as of the last working-day of each month.